Supplies“Made in Jiangmen” Supporting the Fight against COVID-19 in China

In the face of COVID-19, a war without smoke, a group of enterprises in Jiangmen got back to work, resumed and expand production, and changed the line of production ahead of time. They fully accelerated the production of masks, production machines of protective clothing, and the manufacturing of related raw materials and other anti-epidemic materials. Even as small as a mask elastic band or as large as a medical ambulance,“Jiangmen Manufacturing”has continuously supported the nation’s war against COVID-19 and contributed Jiangmen’s strength to the fight against the coronavirus. On March 1, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council (medical material guarantee group) issued thank-you letters to eight Guangdong enterprises, of which Jiangmen’s accounted for four. As half a month passed by, three Jiangmen enterprises, namely Guangdong Yingtong New Materials Co., Ltd, Jiangmen M.F.B.S. Machinery Ltd., Guangdong Cideron Industrial Co., Ltd, successively received thank- you letters from the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council (medical material guarantee group) for their contribution in the war against the coronavirus. These thank- you letters reflect the appreciation of the great and excellent performance of Jiangmen’s enterprises during the fight against COVID-19. Moreover, the outstanding performance of“Jiangmen Manufacturing”is inseparable from the solid industrial foundation and culture of the manufacturing  industry in Jiangmen. As an important manufacturing base in Guangdong Province and the main focus of the“Development Strategy of the West Wing of the Pearl River Delta”, these show the strengths and responsibilities of“Jiangmen Manufacturing”.

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