Major Decisions and Deployments

We will strive to build Jiangmen into a demonstration city with "Four Leading

Aspects in China and“Two Important Windows”in Guangdong Province as follows:

Firstly, to construct the institutional mechanisms to promote high-quality economic development to the top of the country;

Secondly, to take the lead to build a modern economic system of the nation;

Thirdly, to take the lead to form a new pattern of the comprehensive opening-up;

Fourthly, to build a pattern of co-construction, co-governance and shared social gov-ernance at the prior of the country. Jiangmen is an important window to show the world China’s achievements since the reform and opening-up policy, and it is also an important window for the international community to observe China in the context of the reform and opening-up policy.

“1+1+5”Work Initiatives

The first“1”refers to the political guarantee of promoting the new great project of party building. The second“1”refers to the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening-up as the driving force for development. “5”refers to the key work in five aspects: firstly, to promote the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with the whole city’s efforts;secondly, to unswervingly promote high-quality development; thirdly, to vigorously implement the rural revitalization strategy;fourthly, construct a new pattern of harmonious development of "three areas progressing together"; fifthly, to adhere to the purpose of Co- construction, Co-governance and Sharing.

“Acceleration of Inudustrial Development, People's Livelihood Improvement,Strict Management of Leading Cadres, and Administrative Simplification”

We will prioritize the development, and strive to achieve an advanced level. Adhering to the policy that“industry sets up the city”, supported by“Three Strategies, Three Impetuses,”Jiangmen promotes industries forward to large-scale, high-end agglomeration and creates a new pole of growth in the Pearl River Delta.

Jiangmen will deepen reform and arouse vitality to build up world- class environment for development. Jiangmen will adhere to the problem- oriented principle and fighting three critical battles and continue to deepen“three- tendency”policies- preferring low charges to high ones, preferring easy access to government services to complex one, preferring public service near at hand to one that is far away- and to roll out“two-no- two-hidden” policy- no charges and no thresholds and storing wealth among the people and storing wealth among enterprises. Jiangmen will create an equal and harmonious development environment with quality, efficiency and vitality.The government will strive to improve the livelihood of its people, as well as co-construct and share a wonderful homeland. Jiangmen is led by people-centered development to satisfy people's expectations for a better life. It improves weak links, provides social assistance to needy groups, improves people's livelihoods and well- being, and shares the achievements of reform and development with the whole city.

Jiangmen will adhere to comprehensively run the Party in a strict way, and provide reliable political guarantees. The Party supervises its own conducts, runs itself with strict disciplines, safeguards the authority of the CPC resolutely, and safeguards the CPC Central Committee's Authority with Comrade Xi Jinping as the 'core'. Jiangmen implements the main responsibilities of the Party committee and supervisory responsibilities of the commission of discipline, providing a powerful political guarantee for building a moderately prosperous society.

“Three Strategies, Three Impetuses”

The government will vigorously implement the“West of the Pearl River Delta Strategy”: Strengthen advanced equipment manufacturing, optimize major industry platform, advance industrial transformation and upgrades, and expand private economy.

The government will vigorously implement the“Innovation-Driven Development Strategy”: Deepen the“entrepreneurship of both small and micro businesses”; improve innovation capabilities; strengthen scientific and technological development in agriculture; and gatherall kinds of talents.

The government will vigorously implement the“Huge Traffic Network Development

Strategy”: Create“One Hub”(the comprehensive transportation hub in the West of the Pearl River Delta); build“Two Centers”(speed up the building of Jiangmen Rail Station, the comprehensive transportation hub in the West of the Pearl River Delta, and Jiangmen North Railway Station); construct“Three Lines”(The“South Line”is the connection from Hong Kong and Macau to the Daguang Bay Area and western Guangdong, created by the Hong Kong-Macao- Zhuhai Bridge and the Hong Kong- Taishan Freeway. The“Middle Line”is the connection from Shenzhen to Jiangmen and Zhongshan to Yangjiang, created by connecting the Shenzhen- Zhongshan Channel, as well as promoting the construction of Zhongshan-Kaiping Freeway and Kaiping-Yangchen Freeway. The“North Line”is the connection of the Guangzhou-Foshan Megalopolis Area, created by completing the expansion of the southern section of Foshan-Kaiping Freeway and accelerating the Kaiping-Yangjiang Freeway expansion.

Three 100-Billion Plans

Jiangmen will highlight effective investment leadership. It will implement the“Three 100-Billion Plans”in industrial investment, traffic infrastructure investment, and urban construction investment.

Actions to Improve Urban Quality

It is planned to carry out eight major actions, approximately 500 projects, including the construction of new districts, urban renewal, the level of transportation, municipal infrastructure, people's livelihood facilities, urban landscape, ecological environment and urban management. With the total investment about 133 billion yuan, the government strives to take 3-5 years to make the city's appearance and quality to a new level.

“Three Clearing-ups, Three Dismantlings and Three Rehabilitations”

"Three Clearing-ups, Three Dismantlings and Three Rehabilitations" is facing the longstanding "dirty and messy" problems in the countryside. Only by doing well in this battle can we make a good start for the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization. By the end of 2019, 1108 administrative villages (communities) have completed the task of improving human settlement environment. In 2020, we will continue to consolidate the achievements of the work of "Three Clearing-ups, Three Dismantlings and Three Rehabilitations", accelerate the construction of beautiful ecological livable villages, and ensure thatall villages will reach the "Clean and Tidy Standard", and more than 60% of villages will reach the "Beautiful and Livable Standard".

“Three Areas Progressing Together”

Proposed in Jiangmen to implement the new regional development pattern strategy of “One Core Area, One Coastal Economic Belt and One Ecological Development Zone”by the Provincial Committee and Provincial Government of Guangdong, this strategy breaks through the limitations of administrative divisions and takes functional areas as the guide for three areas to progress together, namely, the Urban Core Area, the Daguang Bay Area, and the Ecological Development Area. By this strategy, strengths of each area will be developed to the utmost to assist Jiangmen in becoming a new growth pole on the west bank of the Pearl River and a gateway to the sea and the coastal economic belt, and thusto push forward the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Among the above three areas, the Urban Core Area is the main battlefield for industrialization and urbanization in Jiangmen, and focuses on creating a demonstration zone for the integration of industry and city in the central urban area. As the construction of new urban functional areas speeds up, the urban quality is improved and the core area plays a leading role. Within the Daguang Bay Area, it is planned to speed up the construction of the Yinhuwan Coastal New Area and Daguang Bay Economic Development Zone, and continuously promote the planning and construction of the high- end industrial cluster development zone of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta. With regard to the Ecological Development Area, the rural revitalization strategy should be further implemented to build a high-quality agricultural cooperation and development platform. And the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure is supposed to be promoted in accordance with the green development standards. Furthermore, in terms of ecology, tourism resources can be developed deeply.

An Important Platform for Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation among Over seas Chinese

On November 14, 2019, Jiangmen officially launched the construction of an important platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among overseas Chinese. It is proposed in the“Outline of the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan” that“buildingan important platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among overseas Chinese in Jiangmen is supported”. As an important starting point for Jiangmen to participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Jiangmen will do its utmost to promote the construction of this important exchange and cooperation platform. At present, the preparation work for“Plans of Building an Important Platform for Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation among Overseas Chinese”has been basically completed, and the application formalities are being processed.

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