Advantages of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies

In June 2015, Jiangmen was approved to be one of the first batch of 15 model cities for national small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation, and at the end of this year, it became the only pilot city for comprehensive reform of small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation in the province. Then in 2019, Jiangmen won the title of“National Model City for Small and Micro Businesses Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, and kept walking at the forefront in this respect in China.

Jiangmen is also the first city in China to explore and formulate the index evaluation system for small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation (SMEII index), filling the gap in statistics. Besides, Jiangmen takes the lead in establishing and activating a prefecture- level municipal small and micro enterprise directory system and a scienceand-technology-type small and micro enterprise directory system. By formulating a stan-dard for the identification of science- and- technology- type small and micro enterprises, “identity cards”for small and micro enterprises to enjoy supporting policies are provided. On the basis of this practice, standards of science-and-technology-type small and micro enterprises are formulated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and implemented throughout the country. So far,“Measures on Further Encouraging High-quality Development Promoted by Scientific and Technological Innovation in Jiangmen”has been worked out and implemented. Jiangmen has introduced“Measures of Further Accelerating the Development of Private Economy in Jiangmen”and“Suggestions on Implementing Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and Accelerating the Construction of Innovation City.”It has also implemented“Jiangmen National Small and Micro Businesses Entrepreneurial Innovation Base City Demonstration Program (2015-2017)" (“Young Eagles”), and "Jiangmen '1+15' Supportive Policies for Small and Micro Businesses”to help“Young Eagles”soar.

In term of "hard" measures, Jiangmen has launched a package of inclusive special support in unique projects; in terms of "soft environment,”it has taken the lead in the province or even the country in announcing the "1 + 3" list and business- related charge list, and implementing the registration reform of“Multiple Certificates in One,”etc., which have benefited a large number of businesses.

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