National-level Industrial Bases in Jiangmen

Jiangmen Textile and Chemical Fiber Industrial Base of China Torch Program

Heshan Metal Material Industrial Base of China Torch Program

National Electronic Information Industrial Base (Jiangmen)

China’s Auto Parts Industrial Base (Jiangmen)

Jiangmen Hi- tech Zone Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Base of China Torch Program

China's Motorcycle Industry Demonstration Base (Jiangmen)

China's Sanitary Ware & Hardware Production Base (Duruan Town, Pengjiang District)

National Pilot Park of Intellectual Property Rights (Jiangmen Hi-tech Zone)

China (Jiangmen)“Qiaomengyuan”Overseas Chinese Innovation Industry Cluster (Jiangmen Hi-tech Zone)

National Hi-tech Zone Innovation Park (Jiangmen Hi-tech Zone)

China's Hardware and Stainless Steel Products Base (Xinhui District)

China's Ship Dismantling Base (Xinhui District)

China's Foodstuff Production Base (Xinhui District)

China's Electric Energy Industry Base (Taishan)

China’s Land of Architecture (Kaiping)

China's Textile and Clothing Industry Base (Kaiping)

China's Faucet Production Base (Shuikou Town, Kaiping)

China's Printing Industry Base (Heshan)

China's Men's Footware Production Base (Heshan)

China's Nanometer Calcium Carbonate Industry Base (Enping)

China's Microphone Industry Base (Enping)

China’s Microphone Export Base (Enping)

China’s Performance Equipment Industry Base(Enping)

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