Advantages of Transportation

ExpresswaysThere constructed 11 high- speed freeways in the Jiangmen with a traffic mileage of 500 km. The lines are Foshan-Kaiping Freeway, Kaiping-Yangjiang Expressway, Jiangmen-Heshan Expressway, Xinhui-Taishan Expressway, the Western Guangdong Coastal Freeway, Jiangmen-Zhongshan Expressway, Jiangmen- Zhuhai Expressway, Jiangmen- Zhaoqing Expressway,Jiangmen- Luoding Expressway, Guangzhou- Zhongshan- Jiangmen Expressway, and Gaoming- Enping Expressway. In 2019, the expansion of Foshan- Kaiping Expressway (southern section) and the construction of Gaoming-Enping Expressway were completed and opened to traffic. Jiangmen is becoming more important as a comprehensive transportation hub in the Pearl River Delta with the start of building Yinzhouhu Expressway and Huang-maohai Cross- sea Channel, and the acceleration of expanding Zhongshan-Kaiping Expressway, Kaiping- Yangchun Expressway and Kaiping- Yangjiang Expressway, as well as the opening of the HongKong- Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the acceleration of constructing Shenzhen-Zhongshan Crossing.

Trunk Roads of the City ExpressThe North- to- South double-“Y”- shaped Jiangmen Trunk Road is a key road connecting Pengjiang District, Jianghai District, Xinhui District and Heshan. Its length is 123 km. It is constructed according to a two- way eight- lane plus two- way four- lane expressway standard. It connects to the Foshan freeway network through Northeast direction in Shunde; it connects the Jiangmen- Zhaoqing freeway to Gaoming and Nanhai through the national highway 325 at Heshan County at the Northwest direction; it connects Zhuhai through Xinhui District in the Southeast direction, and connects the Daguang Bay Area at the Yamen Exit at the Coastal Freeway.

Rail Transit: In July 2018, the Jiangmao section of Shenzhen- Maoming Railway was opened to traffic. It operates through Jiangmen to Beijing, Shenzhen and other domestic first- tier cities. It strengthens the transportation links between Jiangmen and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, the eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao, and fully integrates into the national high-speed rail network. The Jiangmen Rail Station under construction for the Comprehensive Transportation Hub of West Pearl Riv-er Delta will at least connects the Shenzhen- Maoming Railway, the Guangzhou-Foshan Urban Rail Transit, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Urban Rail Transit, and the Jiangmen-Enping Urban Rail Transit,the Zhuhai- Jiangmen-Zhaoqing Railway, Nanning- Shenzhen Railway as well as the junction of Jiangmen Urban Rail Transit Line.There 12 stations and 28 lines will be built in the Jiangmen Region and that makes the Jiangmen Rail Station the 4th biggest transportation hub in Guangdong Province, following the South Guangzhou Rail Station, North Shenzhen Rail Station and the West Foshan Rail Station.

Waterway Transport and Port Construction: It is 95 nautical miles from Jiangmen to Hongkong and 53 to Macao.There are five national first- class freight ports in the Jiangmen region, including Xinhui Port International Freight Terminal, Special Terminal for Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant, Chemical Terminal of Jiangmen Yida Chemical Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., International Navigation Ship Maintenance Terminal of Jiangmen Yinhu Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., and Special Terminal for Guangdong Guohua Yuedian Taishan Power GenerationCo., Ltd. Besides, the waters of Yinzhouhu Lake can be navigable by 10,000 tons of sea vessels.The favorable conditions of GuanghaiBay and Chuandao islandsallow the construction of a 300,000-ton deepwater port. And the public port of Jiangmen hi- tech zone, also the largest inland port along the West River, is speeding up its construction.

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