Advantages of Efficient Administration

In 2018, with the consent of the State Council, the Office of the State Council issued a

circular to provide supervision and incentives for the implementation of relevant major policies and measures in 2017 with real efforts and obvious results. Jiangmen was the only city in Guangdong inspired due to the commercial system reform.

In September 2018, Jiangmen became one of the three pilot cities for comprehensive

reform of the“Digital Government”in Guangdong Province. Over the past two years, the

administrative management system and the“digital government”operating system have been innovated and optimized, the“simplest process, lowest cost, fastest speed, and best service”government service model promoted and created, and the city’s reforms such as the“decentralization, management and service”pushed forward towards the in-depth development.

Comprehensive Reforms in Three Systems

In 2018, Jiangmen focused on the reform of the“three systems”(list system, commission system, and commitment system) to deepen the“decentralization, management and service”reform and advance the“two-no- two-hidden”policy (no thresholds, no charges; storing wealth among the people, storing wealth amongenterprises). Therefore, every effort was made to build a more high-quality, efficient, vibrant, fair and harmonious development environment, and further enhance the vitality and competitiveness of economic development.

List System: On the basis of the national initiative of the“1+3+N”open list system, it is further enriched in Jiangmen. Among them,“1”is the“mother list”, i.e. the list of powers andresponsibilities, regulating the total power exercised by various departments according to law. Those are not included in the list will not be implemented. In this way, all govern-ment powers areincluded in the list, and anything that is not included in the list shall not be implemented, leaving no more power outside the list.“3+N”is the“sub-list”“. 3”refers to the formulation of negative lists, approval lists and supervision lists for corporate investment and operation activities, which regulates the entire process of corporate investment, operation and management activities before, during and after the events.The comprehensive proposal, compilation and implementation of the“1+3+N”open list system is the first in the Guangdong Province and even the whole country.

Entrustment System: In accordance with the principles of“reducing hierarchy and decentralizing the power”and“releasing any power that can be released and should be released”, a total of 219 items of city-level authority(involving 170 items of corporate investment and operation) are entrusted and delegated to each city (district) government in two batches in Jiangmen. With an emphasized focus andgreat efforts, the systematic and comprehensive empowerment reform is of great significance, rarely seen in the whole province. In that way, authority is directly given to the city (district) governments to exercise city- level management in the areas under their jurisdiction, and it becomes possible for people to have their affairs handled without leaving their city (district). Thus high- quality, efficient and convenient services are provided to enterprises and people to the utmost. In 2020, the 219 empowerment matters will be adjusted and optimized in combination with the work of institutional reforms, adjustments to laws and regulations, and adjustments to government service matters in Jiangmen. At the same time, the reform of the entrustment system continues to be deepened and 13 more items of city-level authority will be delegated to city (district) departments.

Commitment System: In order to further optimize the business environment of our city, we should explore a new management mode of "no more approval" according to the ideas of "investment policy  guidance, establishment of commitment standards, independent commitment of enterprises, sound credit guarantee, strengthening supervision according to law, and improving supporting reforms", so as to greatly shorten the preparation time of the project, reduce the institutional cost of the project construction, and speed up the project landing. By the end of 2018, 123 projects have been managed by commitment system,and the average speed of pre-project work has increased by 1-2 months. In September 2018, the provincial Party Committee restructured and issued the Notice on Reproduction and Promotion of the First Group of Innovative Experiences in Grass-roots Reform, to promote the experience and practices of the commitment system reform of investment projects in our city to the whole province.

Developing a New Model of“Multiple Certificates in One + Separation of Certificates and Licenses”for the Reform of Business Admission and Operation

In 2015, Jiangmen took the lead in the province in promoting the reform of“five certificates in one”, and later in 2016, it implemented the“nine certificates in one”reform. Jiangmen was the first city in China to realize comprehensive integration of certificates and licenses for general foreign- funded enterprises, which facilitated foreign investment here.

After four rounds of reform and development, currently the“twenty- eight certificates in one”reform is implemented and continues to be at the forefront in Guangdong Province. In 2017, Jiangmen pioneered the implementation of the“separation of certificates and licenses”reform in the whole province. 134 post- approval classification reforms were carried out in two batches,“four reductions and one improvement”(i.e. reductions of process,time, materials, and costs and improvement in efficiency) in administrative approval was achieved, and 223 projects were managed by investment commitment system with the average speed of pre-work increased by 1 to 2 months. All the above efforts made Jiangmen a city with the most reform items and benefits in most sectors for enterprises in Guangdong Province, and its business volume accounted for over 80% among all the provincial pilot areas.

In 2018, relying on full electronic registration and establishment of“one network for all services”, Jiangmen took the initiative both in the province to offer the through- train service for Jiangmen- Hong Kong- Macao commercial registration, and in China to achieve offshore filing registration for foreign investment. In 2019, Jiangmen’s“Wechat + intelligentization”service for commercial registration was first put into use in Guangdong, and STM -- the bank smart teller machine, was firstly used in China for certificates and licenses. Therefore, the commercial registration of“zero human intervention”,“full intelligent approval”, and“24/7 service”came true. Besides, the entire process of starting an enterprise could be completed within one day, also at the forefront in Guangdong Province.

“Double Random and One Openness”Supervision Leading in the Country

Since 2016, Jiangmen has pioneered the exploration and implementation of“double random and one openness”supervision in Guangdong Province, and launched a spot check system universally used both at city and county levels. Jiangmen was also the first in the province to advance cross-department joint spot checks to realize a new supervision pattern that used one system for“full wisdom”intensive supervision, followed a set of rules for“full process”standard supervision, extended equal supervision for“full field” spot check coverage, and built the“five unifications, one promotion”system (i.e. unifying the system platform, management system, spot check standards, result application, and supervision and evaluation;promoting“checking only once at most”). The experience of regulatory reform has been replicated and promoted in the whole province, and Jiangmen was therefore determined as a national pilot city for cross-department joint supervision by the General Administration of Market Supervision.

Comprehensive supervision reshaped the market governance pattern. Jiangmen took the lead in Guangdong Province to implement cross- departmental information sharing and joint punishment, and credit information was used in government procurement, project bidding,state-owned land transfer, financing credit, etc. for disciplinary punishment and trustworthy incentives. In 2019, the“double random and one openness + webcast”model was fully advanced and applied in safety production areas such as food, medicine and special equipment. Self-selected by the masses, supervised by NPC deputies and CPPCC members, implemented by the market supervision department, and live broadcasted throughout the network, the market supervision was placed under public supervision to make the spot-check supervision fair, open and transparent, thus forming a pattern of social co-governance.

Construction of a "City without Barriers to Government Service"

To build into a“city with government services freely Available”, forms of providing approval and services are further optimized, and“one network for all services”and“one service for all demands”are promoted in Jiangmen. In 2019, the rates of government services that were provided“immediately, online, nearby, and once for all demands”were respectively49.25%, 78.3%, 83.98%, and 91.61% . With the establishment of the electronic certificate and license system, 58 kinds of high- frequency electronic certificates and licenses were opened, and electronic certificates and licenses for 248 items were completed, including real estate transaction registration, provident fund withdrawal, human society, social security, etc., and therefore effectively reducing the number of materials submitted.

Besides, the“5+X”model was vigorously promoted to encourage appointment, postponement and work on holidays for government services in all government service halls of the city. And“clearing all barriers”in government services was fully carried out to tackle problems like queuing and repeating material submissions, and cancel 195 items of proof with a reduction rate of 76%. Additionally, a batch of high-frequency government service matters were settled on platforms of“Affairs in Guangdong Province”(Yue Sheng Shi) and“Guangdong Business Links”(Yue Shang Tong). The APP platform of“Affairs in Jiangmen”(Jiangmen Yi Ban Shi) was created to launch local special government services and offer efficient and convenient government affairs“at the fingertips”. Finally, 627 self-service machines as“windows of overseas Chinese capital”were installed so that 80 highfrequency service items could be handled throughout the city and“around the clock”.

To create a“Peaceful Jiangmen”

“Good public security”has become a descriptor for Jiangmen city. In recent years, Jiangmen has been promoting a“Peaceful Jiangmen”campaign, which combines precautionary and crackdown measures, and has built a well-developed social disorder prevention and control system. Jiangmen has a low crime rate and enjoys a good social order. Jiangmen citizens have a solid sense of security.

Great Achievements in the Reform and Construction of“Digital Government”

In August 2019, the“Overall Plan for the Construction of‘Digital Government’in Jiangmen (2019-2021)”was officially issued and Jiangmen became the first city to make a local plan in accordance with the provincial planning framework. Jiangmen’s node (Phase I) of the provincial“Digital Government”cloud platform was completed and put into operation in October 2019, becoming one of the first regions in Guangdong to open the node. Jiangmen has applied the provincial collaborative office platform and taken the lead in realizing the coordinated office from four levels: province, city, country and town. In addition, Jiangmen is the first city to launch the“Wechat + Intelligent Approval”commercial registration service in the country, and realizes the approval and printing of business licenses by self- service machines at bank outlets. The city also takes the lead in launching the “Guangdong Administrative Law Enforcement Information Platform and Network Supervision Platform”, whose purpose are to implement the provincial and municipal integration and to set a Jiangmen sample of“Internet + Supervision”.

In the“China Local Government Data Transparency Report 2019”released by Fudan

University and the Digital China Research Institute of the Stare Information Center, Jiangmen ranked top 20 among the national sub-provincial and prefecture-level cities, and No. 3 among twenty-one prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province. The“Multiple Certificates in One”reform took the lead in the country, which was praised by Premier Li Keqiang.“One- day Business Completion”of enterprises covers the whole city, leading the province as well. The city implemented the“Seven Speedy Services Integration”for real estate transaction registration and was selected as one o f the top 50 best cases of“Internet + Government Affairs”in China in 2018. The“Double Random Selection and One Publication”system covers 182 departments at the city and county levels. Innovative practices were encouraged by the State Council. In addition, the experiences of regulatory reforms have been forwarded and promoted by the State Administration of Market Regulation and Guangdong Government.

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