The Advantages of Jiangmen

Superior geographical location:

Jiangmen is about 100 kilometers away from Guangdong and Shenzhen; and the shipping distance is less than 100 nautical miles, linking the east to the west.

Jiangmen and Hong Kong and Macao have deep historical origins:

Jiangmen has a deep historical origin with Hong Kong and Macao. It is geographicallyclose to Hong Kong and Macao. Among the 7.8 million permanent residents in Hong Kong and Macao, there are about 1.55 million people originally from Wuyi area and 93 associations of Wuyi origin.

Obvious resources advantages:

Jiangmen has vast development space, the total land area accounts for 1/6 of the total urban agglomeration area of the Bay Area, the intensity of land development is low, and the available construction land space is large. It is the only city in the Bay Area that has large-scale land for development.

Strong industry complementarity:

With the help of a better industrial base, it is beneficial for Hong Kong and Macao to integrate internal industrial resources, lengthen and widen the industrial chain and industrial development space, and promote the economic diversification of Hong Kong and Macao.

Business and entrepreneurial innovation convenience:

Innovate regulation and promote fair competition, efficient service to create a convenient environment. the implementation of "two no two hidden"(To create the best and most beneficial investment in a good environment, high efficiency, convenient and fast, light taxes and fees, simple project approval process), cross-departmental "double random one open" joint supervision (Random selection of inspection objects in the course of supervision, randomly selected law enforcement inspectors, spot checks of the situation and investigation results in a timely manner to the public), "Multi-Certificate Unity" registration system, Enterprise Investment project commitment system and many other reform work has been effective; Successively issued the " 14 ways to strengthen cities with talents" " 12 ways to manage private economy" " 12 incentive policies for attracting investment" " 10 ways on Entity Economic Management " and other policies, business environment is constantly optimized.

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