Advantages in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy

Jiangmen is one of the first demonstration cities of small and micro enterprises' innovation base in China and Micro Businesses Entrepreneurial Innovation Demonstration Base Cities and has been at the forefront nationally in this respect. Jiangmen has introduced "Measures of Further Accelerating the Development of Private Economy in Jiangmen" and "Suggestions on Implementing Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and Accelerating the Construction of Innovation City." It has also implemented 8 regulations of accelerating technical innovation (“1+8” Technical Innovation Supportive Policy), "Jiangmen National Small and Micro Businesses Entrepreneurial Innovation Base City Demonstration Program (2015-2017)" ("Young Eagles"), and "Jiangmen '1+15' Small and Micro Businesses Series of Supportive Policies" to help "Young Eagles" soar.

In term of "hard" measures, Jiangmen has launched a package of inclusive special support in unique projects; in terms of "soft environment," it has taken the lead in the province or even the country in launching a mayor service platform for the SME, announced a "1 + 3" list and businesses-related charges list, implemented the registration reform of "Multiple Certificates in One," compiled two directory databases (small and micro enterprises directory database, as well as a science and technology-type small and micro enterprises directory database), which has benefited a large number of businesses.

In 2018, in response to the changing situation of stable economic operation and increasing downward pressure, Jiangmen actively carried out the action of "warming up enterprises and promoting investment" in accordance with the requirements of "Six Stabilities", implemented the system of linking municipal leaders with key projects and key enterprises, held the 1000 People's Congress to promote private economic development, and intensively promulgated the "Ten Private Economy Articles" and "Ten New Articles of Real Economy" in our city. The policy portfolio of "Ten Rules for Foreign Investment", "Ten Rules for Foreign Investment", "Supporting Enterprise Technological Reform", Supporting Enterprise Relocation and Reform, Promoting "Small Promotion Regulation" and "Single Enterprise Transfer", "Rewards and Punishments for Investment and Key Projects", Strengthening Land and Resources Management, Promoting Reform of Investment and Financing, and Establishing Mutual Economic Development Fund, etc., has strengthened the confidence of enterprises in development.

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