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Reform in Three


In recent years, the Jiangmen Government focuses on the comprehensive reform in three systems (List system, commission system, commitment system), to deepen the reform of streamlining administration and improve the legal and qualification administration system, and to build a more high-quality, efficient, vibrant, fair and harmonious development environment, and further enhance the vitality and competitiveness of economic development.

List system: On the basis of the national initiative "1+3+n"open list system, the Jiangmen Government further enriched it. In the "1+3+n" Open List System, "1" is the "mother list", that is the list of powers and responsibilities, including the total power exercised by various departments according to law. Those are not included in the list will not be implemented. This enables the power in the list will be implemented and the government would not have the power without listing. The "3+n" is the "sub-list". "3" is the negative list, approval list and supervision list during the whole process of investment activities. This "1+3+n" of the open list system was the country's first initiative of this kind.

Delegation System: According to the new direction of China to reduce the difficulty of administration work, the Jiangmen government decentralized the power to the municipal (district) governments a total of 219 items, involving 170 items of business investment. The first batch was 132, the second batch was 87. This comprehensive delegation system reform enables directly the city (district) governments in the jurisdiction to exercise their power to provide quality, efficient and convenient service.

Commitment system: In order to further optimize the business environment of our city, we should explore a new management mode of "no more approval" according to the ideas of "investment policy guidance, establishment of commitment standards, independent commitment of enterprises, sound credit guarantee, strengthening supervision according to law, and improving supporting reforms", so as to greatly shorten the preparation time of the project, reduce the institutional cost of the project construction, and speed up the project landing. By the end of 2018, 123 projects have been managed by commitment system, and the average speed of pre-project work has increased by 1-2 months. In September 2018, the provincial Party Committee restructured and issued the Notice on Reproduction and Promotion of the First Group of Innovative Experiences in Grass-roots Reform, to promote the experience and practices of the commitment system reform of investment projects in our city to the whole province.

Multiple Certificates

in One System Leads

the Country

After Jiangmen’s nine certificates in one system was introduced to use in China in the August of 2016, in February of 2017, the Jiangmen Government was again the first place to implement 15 certificates in one for industrial investment projects, and five in one for individual investment. It is the first among China to implement such kind of registration reform of "multiple certificates in one."

After the "Multiple certificates in one" implementation, the application materials was reduced 60%, the processing time was reduced more than 70%, and it takes no more than 7 working days to process the certificate. Before that, people had to run 16 times among 9 operation windows and now it can be processed in one window. This "multiple certificates in one" experience was regarded replicable and as a great invention in Guangdong Province. It was awarded the 2016-2017 Annual Prize on Guangdong Governance Modernization.

Reform on the Separation of

Certificates and License in the

forefront of the province

This reform focuses on the administrative examination and approval reform in the municipal and county levels. Many unnecessary approvals and examination and approval of records were canceled. This will help strengthen the quasi-camp management, and to promote the classification reform, to relax the limits of the prospective camp, to reduce the approval of the matter and to optimize the approval process.

The first batch of 51 municipal administrative examination and approval matters were included in the reform Catalogue, in which 4 items were cancelled, 10 items were changed, 11 commitments were changed, and 26 items were strengthened. The effect of reform is obvious, processing time and submitting materials are reduced by 36.8% and 20.7% respectively.

"Double Random and

One Open" Supervision

is on the forefront of the country

Jiangmen has taken the lead in the implementation of "double random and one open" supervision in the whole province. At present, a unified management system, a unified system platform, and systems of unified sampling standards, unified application of results, unified inspection and assessment have been initially formed, and a new "five unified and one facilitated" supervision system of "one door, multiple checks" has been promoted.       

At present, "double random and one open" supervision has become normalized, and joint cross-sectoral spot checks have been comprehensively and deeply promoted. In July 2018, our city was designated by the State Administration of Market Supervision as a national pilot city of cross-sectoral "double random and one open" supervision. In September of the same year, Jiangmen's experience of "double random and one open" was replicated and popularized throughout the province.

One-door” government services

reform to improve efficiency and bring

convenience to people

Jiangmen will, drawing on the important momentum generated by streamline administration reforms and Internet Plus Government Services, roll out "one-door" government services reform in the whole city. Jiangmen has built "one-door" government service halls in four administrative levels of city, city(district), town(street), village(community), established “1+7+74+1325” government service system and created a "one-door" comprehensive management platform for public services covering government service system of four administrative levels. 621 "Window of Qiaodu" self-service machines were installed in the whole city and "government services on fingertip" will be further expanded, Implementing the real estate registration integration service, realizing the real estate registration business one window acceptance, and the general registration processing time limit is compressed within 24 hours. Jiangmen will take comprehensive steps to implement standardized management of items and performance evaluation mechanism and to advance the establishment of a unified, standardized government service system. Through building a service network of one door, the internet and one machine, the goal of covering the whole city, handling different affairs at one door and appraising via the internet can be achieved.

To create a

Peaceful Jiangmen”

"Good public security" has become a descriptor for Jiangmen city. In recent years, Jiangmen has been promoting a "Peaceful Jiangmen" campaign, which combines precautionary and crackdown measures, and has built a well-developed social disorder prevention and control system. Jiangmen has a low crime rate and enjoys good social order. Jiangmen citizens have a solid sense of security.

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