Advantages as An Energy Base

Jiangmen is one of China's electric energy bases; its total installed capacity will be up to 19 million kilowatts and it will be the most amply powered municipality in the Pearl River Delta. Taishan is China's first pilot area for a "single point to multiple points" direct supply of electricity, and enterprises incorporated in the program can enjoy a discount of 0.11 yuan per kW in their power consumption. Taishan, Kaiping, and Enping fall into the category of cheaper power price zone which covers the east and west wings of Guangdong. Most of its large industrial enterprises can enjoy a price discount of over 10% in power consumption.

The Taishan Nuclear Power Station is the largest energy cooperation project between China and France. Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd., which is jointly invested by China Radio and Television Group, France Electric Power Group and Guangdong Power Group, is responsible for construction and operation. Taishan Nuclear Power Unit 1 started construction in 2009 and Unit 2 started construction in 2010. They are the third and fourth EPR generation PWR nuclear power units in the world. It has become the first EPR project in the world with commercial conditions.

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