Travel Service Information

1. Air Travel

1) Baiyun Air Travel Service Center

Address: 100 Yuejin Road, Jiangmen City

Tel: (0750) 3273323  3273333


2) Baiyun Air Travel Service Center Xinhui Office

Address: 55 Zhizheng Road South, Xinhui District

Tel: (0750) 6604833


3) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Jiangmen Waiting Hall

Address: East Wing of Yucca Hotel, 116 Ying Bin Avenue, Jiangmen City

Tel: 0750-3166333  0750-3166332

The first coach starts at 06:00 and the last at 18:30 with an average interval of 50 minutes between two consecutive coaches.


2. Long-distance Passenger Transport
(1) Jiangmen General Bus Station
Address: 3rd Jiangshe Road (at the intersection between Jiangmen-Sha-ping Road and Wu Huan Road and opposite the Huangzhuang Driving Test Ground), Jiangmen City

Tel: (0750) 3881888
(2) Jiangmen Shengli Bus Station
The station dispatches 18 coaches to Hong Kong and 13 to Macau every day.
Address: 38 Shengli Road, Jiangmen City
Tel: (0750) 3334912

3. Taxi Service
Nan-an Taxi: (0750) 3168888
Qiyun Taxi: (0750) 3501000


4. Ferries to Hong Kong and Macao

  Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Macau Joint Passenger Transp. Co., Ltd.

(Jiangmen Hong Kong and Macao Ferry Terminal)

Address: 1 Jin'ou Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City

Jiangmen Hong Kong and Macao Ferry Terminal: Departure Times: 15:00 (to Hong Kong); 08:30 (From Hong Kong to Jiangmen).

The company offers free rides for passenger to and from passenger terminal. 

Inquiry Tel: (0750)3773220

In addition, the Jiangmen Port is due to add two ferry liners to and from Hong Kong as follows:

Jiangmen – Hongkong departures: 15:00  08:15

Hongkong -- Jiangmen departures: 18:00  11:30

5. The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Rail


Every day numerous EMU trains run between Guangzhou South and Xinhui Station, at 50-minute intervals. Specific train departure times are subject to the announcement of the Station.

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