Trendy Roads

The trendy roads program advocates green environmental protection, natural ecology, health, leisure and modern trendy life by making full use of existing highways, village roads, forest trails, hiking trails, and path through fields, accompanying them with road direction identifications, scenery spot interpretive signs, rest facilities, and safety warnings, linking landscape nodes such as nature reserves, scenic spots, historical sites, ancient villages, pastoral landscapes and making them into a road system for urban and rural jogging and walking. At present, Jiangmen has built or upgraded more than 1600 km of such roads (226 km in Pengjiang, 83 km in Jianghai, 171 km in Xinhui, 304 km in Taishan, 230 km in Kaiping, 330.9 km in Enping, and 286.7 km in Heshan). By 2017, the trendy roads will reach 3000 km in length and will be the No. 1 walking trail system in Guangdong.

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