Streets and Avenues

★Green Corridor in City Center

Situated in Jiangmen Hi- tech Zone (Jianghai District), the Green Corridor extends from Jiangmen Shipyard along Jiangmen River to the Jiangmen HK and Macao Terminal.It is a green corridor that incorporates leisure sports with industrial heritage, headquarters economy and sightseeing of the Shipyard. It creates an urban public cultural space that preserves the culture of this city. At present, eleven kilometers of the corridor have been built and the“FourRoads”(cycling, walking, running and green roads) have been completed.Projects of the important nodes along the corridor are implemented with a high standard.

★Jianghai Cloudbridge

Along Baishuidai Avenue, Jianghai Cloudbridge starts from FushanPedestrian Overpass and crosses over Jianghai No. 1 Road. It is a winding bridge, with a total length of 1.6 kilometers and a width of 5 meters. The Cloudbridge is equipped with various platforms for rest and views. Jianghai Cloudbridge has realized the interconnection of“Two Areas and Four Parks”(including Areas A and B of Children’s Park, Fushan Park, the Sports Park and Baishuidai Park).

★Changdi Historical Street

Situated on the bank of Pengjiang River, the 0.8- Km Street was mostly built in the 1920s and 30s. It combines Chinese and western architectural styles and features hundreds of arcade buildings each with distinctive characteristics. It is Jiangmen’s old commercial district and during its heyday, commerce, entertainment and logistics were highly prosperous and it was known as“Little Canton”. It is one of the best-preserved historical streets with distinctive features of overseas Chinese in Guangdong or even China.

★Academician Avenue

Located near the Overseas Chinese Square, Academician Avenue is the first one in China named after academicians from the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering. At present, thirty- four academicians whose native place is the Wuyi area have their statues displayed along the avenue.

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