Hot Springs

★Jinjiang Hot Spring

Jinjiang Hot Spring is located in Datian Town, Enping. It is the first one in the country to feature“hot spring surfing”and“hot spring rafting”. It has created a well- known brand of“China’s first dynamic spring”and was rated as a“National 4A Tourist Attraction”in 2006.

★Gudou Hot Spring

Located in Gudou Scenic Area of Xinhui District, Gudou Hot Spring Resort has a hot spring valley composed of three hot spring areas of the Tang style, the European style and the Japanese style. In addition, there is a mountain swimming pool, an international conference center and a high-end villa area in the resort as well.

★Jinshan Hot Spring Resort

Jinshan Hot Spring Resort is located in Naji Town, Enping. Being famous for its

natural water, Jinshan Hot Spring Resort is known as the“second best spring in the

world”. There are over 20 open-air hot spring pools and about 300 spring mouths in total.In 2002, it was rated as a“National 4A Tourist Attraction”.

★TaishanKangqiao Spa Resort

Kangqiao Spa Resort is located in Baisha Town, Taishan. According to the terrain, the resort adopts the natural layout of low density and high greening. Moreover, it is distinctive with the design of Southeast Asian style and garden style, for the purpose of proving a leisure holiday for guests.

★Grace Spring Hotel

Grace Spring Hotel is situated in Datian Town, Enping. As a five- star hotel, buildings here adopt the Southeast Asia style. There are over 30 distinctive hot spring pools. Taking“healthy lifestyle”as the cultural foundation, it was named“National 4A Tourist Attraction”in 2014.

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