Donghu Park

Donghu Park is situated in the downtown of Pengjiang District. Covering an area of 53 hectares, including 17 hectares of the lake area, the park is divided into three regions: the inner lake area, the outer lake area and the north area of the park. With the theme of green ecology and characteristics of the“Land of Chinese Fan Palms”, the park is surrounded by mountains, streams and woods. The scenery there is different because of the weather and seasons, and the natural environment is superior. In 2003, it was granted as one of the “New Eight Scenic Spots in Wuyi”. What’s more, it has been opened for free since July 1, 2014.

Qunxing Park

Located in the northwest of Qunxing Village, Huanshi Street Office, Pengjiang District,Qunxing Park covers more than 10,000 mu of mountain area, 380 mu of water surface area, with total storage capacity of 820,000 cubic meters. The park is surrounded by green hills, beautiful mountains and rivers, and enjoys a pleasant climate and the high forest coverage and rich negative air ions. It is one of the so called“green lungs”in the central urban area of Jiangmen, together with Donghu Park and Baishuidai Park.

Yuanbaoshan Sports Park

Located in the northern part of the city center, Yuanbaoshan Sports Park is a comprehensive sports activity center integrating outdoor fitness, the green ecological environment, leisure and entertainment. There are high-standard basketball courts, five-person football fields, outdoor table tennis tables, a 500-meter circular race track and other sports facili-ties. It also has a waterfront activity area, a beach water- playing activity area, children’s entertainment area, etc.

Jiangmen Star Park

It is adjacent to Wuyi Overseas Chinese Square, the Convention and Exhibition Center,Jiangmen Wuyi Museum of Overseas Chinese and Academician Road, and jointly constitutes Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Cultural Exhibition Center. Covering an area of 14,000 square meters, the park adopts hand prints, sculptures and the photo wall of stars to display the stars in the entertainment circle whose native place is the Wuyi Area. At present, hand prints of hundreds of stars are included in the park, such as Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

Jiangmen Children’s Park

Located in the Hi-tech Zone (Jianghai District), with a total area of approximately 108,000 square meters, it is the city’s quality engineering project and the largest high- qualityunpowered children’s park in Guangdong Province. The park is divided into two thematicareas of“Dream”and“Sand”, providing children with a variety of interesting activities that can stimulate their imagination.Fushan Park Located on the south bank of Jiangmen River, Fushan Park is adjacent to the beautiful Baishuidai Park, with a planned area of 10.34 hectares. It is a riverside park that integrates plants and landscape with leisure. It is composed of the Fushan waterfall, the landscape platform, the labor square, the base of labor models, the green corridor in the city center with unobstructed cycling, walking, running and green roads, etc. For the masses, it is the ideal place for leisure activities.

Dragon Lake Park

Located in Jiangmen Hi- tech Zone, Dragon Lake Park covers an area of 428 mu. It has ten scenic spots, such as the“Urban Greenway”,“Children’s Park”and the“Bird Paradise”. There are also sports facilities, including lighted basketball courts and football fields that provide sports and leisure playgrounds for the public.

Yuanshan Lake Park

Located in Binjiang New Area, Jiangmen, with a total area of about 28.1 hectares, Yuanshan Lake Park incorporates nature, ecology and the lake together. With the advanced technology, the music fountain in the park is very attractive and gorgeous. There are nine beautiful scenic areas in the park, including a graded waterside terrace, the Banyan tree square, a street with fisherman characteristics, a street of Xu people’s style, the square of salt water songs, the riverside theater, the children’s playground, etc. Therefore, visitors can interact with nature, culture and ecology.

Baishuidai Park

Baishuidai Park is a municipal forest park with moutains, clear streams, and lush green vegetation. It is known as the“city’s lung”in the downtown area. With a long and splendid history and rich cultural factors, the park’s unique natural and cultural landscapes complement each other, which become distinctive tourism resources.

Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park

Located in the north of Huicheng Street, Xinhui District, the park’s hills, lakes and primitive forests enhance the beauty of each other. The scenic spots of the park, including Yutai Temple, Yuhu Lake and the sports park, have different styles to attract visitors.

Mt. Shihua Park

Located in the northeastern part of Taicheng, the huge rocks on the top of the mountain look like flowers. The trees on the mountain are lush, the fruit trees and camellia flowers are fragrant, and the reservoir below the mountain is as clear as a mirror, which constitute abeautiful scenery. It is the best place for leisure in the busy city.

Jinshan Park

Located in the northern suburb of Kaiping and the southern foot of Liangjin Mountain,Jinshan Park enjoys convenient transportation. It is a provincial forest park. Composed of 101 hectares of ecological public welfare forest area and 67 hectares of leisure area, there are undulating mountains and natural landscape in the park. Therefore, it is an excellent place where citizens can relax themselves and do exercises.

Dayanshan Forest Park

Dayanshan Forest Park is located in the north of Shaping, Heshan. It is adjacent to Fokai Expressway, Heshan Port and Jiujiang Bridge. It is 60 kilometers away from Guangzhou. It has convenient land and water transportation. It is the bridgehead of Wuyi docking Guangfo. It is known as "cultural landscape leisure place, the first nice landscape out of the Guangfo Expressway". Dayan Mountain Scenic Spot was named“Wild Goose in the Wave of Moon Light”in 2002, Guangdong Forest Park in 2006, and National AAAA Tourism Attraction in 2018.

Heshan Park

Heshan Park is the largest urban park in the Wuyi area, and the largest open park among the county-level city of Guangdong Province. Covering an area of about 61.26 hectares, it is divided into several characteristic scenic spots, including the square area, the garden of cultural and historical sculptures, Qingfeng Garden and Guishan Area.

Aofeng Park

Located in the Aofeng Mountain in the downtown area of Enping, Aofeng Park is the place where the ancient Wuyi people and literati came to visit. With verdant trees in the park, there is the Beast Garden, the Carving Garden, the“Three Old”Pavilion, the revolutionary martyrs monument, the Feng Ru Memorial Hall, the Chasing Moon Tower, the Dragon Corridor, the sundial and other special spots.

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