Shenglin ecological tourist area

Enping Shenglin ecological tourist area is located south of the village and Cen big hole, the state Tourism Co., Ltd. Enping Shenglin development, construction and protection, management. The project consists of integrating business, conference, entertainment, and leisure in one of the five-star tourist resort - constitute Enping Bay Springs Spa Hotel and the "passion drift" as the theme of the canyon rafting adventure tourism. 

rafting tourist area in Datian town ofCity Seven pit virgin forest belt (famous Anti-Japanese base areas, patriotism education base). Resorts are along the deep canyons, the ancient trees, the mountains green, indistinct cloud floating fog, exposure to which is like entering the "Western Gallery" shengjing. 

Cendong canyoning collection Warriors drift, drift expedition, irresolute spin drift, drift and sightseeing comfortable feeling in one drift and other new experience, let you enjoy the new passion in Canyon rafting. In the valleys around the hole in the stone wall of the time, you can have a closer look at the national protected plants,the only wild river side’s feature film group of drifting, when you close the plant this Jurassic era dinosaur grazing over the moment, feeling wells space shuttle, relaxed and happy! 

Shenglinjun matter field is the first use ofexciting atmosphere of the paintball field, battlefield, to vent about it, the satisfaction of everyone. 

Address: Datian town,

Tourism hotline: 0750-7076188

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