Baishuidai Resort


Baishuidai Resort is the "lung" of Jiangmen. There are more than 40 peaks, with a stream flowing through Mayuan town, like the shape of a white ribbon, so called whit mountain baishuidai. The resort has a creek, three springs, surrounded by five Mountains, with a total area of seven hundred acres. A stream is called Maxi, namely Hearts Springs Three Springs, Longkou spring, cleanse spring. That big Wushan Mountain, hoe Hill, Pine Hill, Aberdeen, Hearts Hill, gourd mountain. Cool spring water gushing clean, with a sweet, local people called "spunk." Fitch said the number of year’s people where the Dragon shrine, eager to explore the worship. 

Baishuidai built on both sides of the stream, Shuiyue Temple, Sansheng Temple, Longmu Temple, Jiang Tian list of shelters, Albatron Bridge, lotus boat monuments and other sites. There are more than a century old trees brook foothills, marriage stone, marriage trees and dense wood duck feet, oblique Yung tea, Sterculia, acacia, pine mountain scenic area, concentrated shrouded boat. In addition, there are many inscriptions and couplets like, such as rock engraved with Qing Dynasty Li Yuan under the title "Ming River", "piano in empty mountain," the characters, Wu Hanlin extracted stem word engraved and Azeri week Chi title, "the first spring". Shuiyue temple pillars engraved with Emperor Guangxu fourteen years off the coast of Chen Yuan policy essays, book Hanlin Chen Huajiong temple together, Another Azeri Ma Yunlin Qing dynasty, twenty-eight essays, Liang Yan deep book together: "cliff towering clouds, ethereal form wears reflux temple ring springs, Since the Qing Dynasty attracted many celebrities Ascot where the first visit to Syria, and left a lot of face Sunburn population verse.

In order to further develop the tourism industry, Jiangmen Municipal People's Government funding in 1985 newly built concrete roads, and erected around the majestic gatehouse arch, build a pavilion stone bridge, also built a restaurant with modern equipment and hold Tsui Gallery. There is also a parking area, barbecue, small branches, flowers and nursery field, flowers Institute. Orchard has opened up around a southern flavor, enlightenment hanging over the oranges, lychee, longan and subtropical palms. On the occasion to create China Excellent Tourism City, the city government intends to further develop Whitewater with large sums of money, at present, Hong Kong's return Pavilion and Macao Gallery, Long minaret has been completed, I believe a new tourist resort area will appear in people's eyes.

Baishuidai with some beautiful scenic area of special landscapes are worth a visit. 

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