Silver lake Wetland Park


    Silver lake Wetland Park is the new reclamation area, located in Silver Lake to the sea on the west side, east and Doumen County Zhuhai across the sea to the west and the town of Taishan City Duhu connected north Yamen town, south to South China Sea, with a total area of 10 hectares. This oasis, preserved intact wetlands original ecological environment, the PRD is a rare treasure land.


Silver lake Wetland fertile land, mild climate, abundant rainfall, melting river, sea, lake, fields, mountains, water in one, with abundant natural resources and landscape ecological advantages. There are mountains, water, rural scenery, charming scenery, rich history and culture, full of tourist attractions. Here's large wetlands and a large area around the base Ponds attracted various migratory waterfowl settled multiply, become an ideal home for thousands of species of plants and animals. 4 acres planted Casuarina, Taxodium, eucalyptus; it has formed a Road green landscape, both berm barriers, but also great tourism value. Here visitors stroll dike, overlooking the South Gate Bridge and Yamen Bridge, list Yinzhouhu "thousand sails compete," the magnificent sight, can enjoy the green waves rolling, but you can see the face of surging waves That thrilling momentum shore.


Address: Yanan town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City

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