Donghu Park in Jiangmen City,

Donghu Park located in the urban center, built in 1958 Park, covering 53 hectares, including the lake area of 17 hectares, the three regions since the beginning of the lake, outside the Lake District and North Park. Park Mountains and rivers, Linquan quiet victory, the natural environment is superior. 2003 was named one of "eight new Jiangmen Wuyi."

Green ecological theme park, Southland features, bridging trails, Rendezvous pillow Bi, rain or shine are different views, different seasons: spring flowers Lake Pro paved the annual session of the "Lake winter jasmine will" become Jiangmen City, a major event, and foreign guests are all attracted to autumn is clear lake Bi Ying, Han Ying Hsiao sing, driving boat trips Plaza between mountains, make you relaxed; whenever As night fell, the lanterns, there is a different scene, along with mountains and bridges, reflection in the clarity of the lake, floating light colored pan, lake-musical fountains phonetic ready interpretation of the modern urban music.

The park has elegant environment of restaurants and tea houses, as well as overseas Chinese cuisine specialties, so that you enjoy in the restaurant apart from the East Lake beauty; swim in the swimming pool, but you can wash the body and mind, to make you look good reproduction; There are more than 30 rides, adults and children can find their favorite programs.

Donghu Park slowly flowing mountain streams, peach Gaan, there is an agreeable environment of the genus, sitting at the meantime nuisance like paradise; the magnificent waterfalls, flying splash of jade beads, wash away the hubbub; thick green rainforest scenic shade cool, spring resident; lakeside weeping willows, glittering, mandarin ducks, swans travel, natural and human ingenious combination here. This spring-like taste of the southern style, Lake Park Welcome!

Address: NO7, Gangkou Road, Jiangmen City

Park Office Tel: 3180296

Emergency Center Tel: 3365931

Playground Tel: 3365931

Alarm call: 3364903

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