Territory of Jiangmen City Line 3 (provincial) greenways and 6 lines, the total length of 286.4 kilometers, connecting more than 40 natural scenic spots and tourist attractions, and built the inn 17, 14 bike rental points, 28 parking lot3. Greenway accordance with the "urban, ecological, country-type" three types of planning and construction, highlighting Riverside landscape features, characteristics of world cultural heritage, historical and cultural characteristics of overseas Chinese, Jiangmen City full of deep historical, cultural heritage and beautiful natural ecological environment.

◆ downtown Riverside scenery Green Road tour: 6 greenway along the Xijiang River from Heshan Gulao, Dayan mountain, Riverside Avenue to Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum, landscape design combined with the original topography vegetation conditions, highlighting Riverside scenery, plant Landscape design for the local conditions, "bucolic", "Green Center", "style Riverside Park," three-part, fully embodies the livable, desirable industry, should visit the city features.

◆ Xinhui eco-cultural landscape greenway tour: Xinhui of the greenway bird paradise, Liang's former residence, the ancient battlefield Yamen ancient fort, silver lake Wetland Park, the ancient hot springs and other natural landscapes pocket and Humanities view joins as a whole, showing Jiangmen beautiful ecological environment and profound cultural and historical heritage.

◆ World Heritage Kaiping Green Road Tour: Kaiping Green Road on the 3rd of the establishment of the parks, Zili Village towers group, three in the group of towers, Majianglong towers group, Jin Jiang in the towers group, Chikan Town and other attractions linked together, show Kaiping Watchtower and villages of the world's cultural heritage, allowing visitors to enjoy the charm scattered in the countryside between the towers.

Xinhui Guifeng scenic greenway: Xinhui Green Road on the 3rd by natural ecological maintain good Gui Feng mountain, National Forest Park, the sports park Guifeng, sunflower Boyuan, Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, jade lake, Bixia tower, Yu Tai Temple, green protection screen, Ziyun , stream Reservoir Park, Nantan Kwai forest Park, North Temple Road, Guilin Temple and other natural landscapes and cultural landscape to link up, allowing visitors to exposure to a yard of ecological leisure landscape  corridor.

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