Gulao Water County


Gulao Water County, also known as Weitun County, according to historical records, has been 600 years of history. Located in the Xijiang River, Hongwu twenty-seven years, the ancient eight talents who built the ancient Lao Wei show for granted, since then, the ancient labor begins tidal flooding gradually turned into a beautiful splendor.

Today, rivers and lakes, ponds interspersed land, river the roads, villages, water, stone, scattered Gurong which boat crossed between trees, "bridges, water, people," the stunning views can be seen everywhere, in the heat of summer, like the landscape of rivers and lakes like the more people the slightest cool feeling. Most rivers and lakes are more than hundred years banyan, deeply rooted, lush, fields, villages, clear water and are nestled in the green leaves whirling in the shade is a good place for leisure and entertainment villagers gossip, enjoy the cool summer. Ancient banyan is like one small oasis, interspersed in the water hut, painted on a nostalgia-rich, unique style painting scenery splendor.

Address: Gulao Town, Heshan city

Tourism hotline: 0750-8777220

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