Cai Li Fo Boxing Martial Art

During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiang (a native of Gongbei Lane, Jing Mei Village, Yamen Township, Xinhui) carefully studied various schools of boxing martial art throughout his long career as a martial artist. He synthesized those of Chen Yuanhu, Li Youshan, and Cai Fu, and compiled a new set of boxing routines with unique characteristics called Cai Li Fo Boxing. The name implied that he was indebted to his teachers. Cai Fu was the best in techniques and was the most senior in the local Kungfu community, so his surname was placed first. Chen Yuanhu was best at skills involving the palms, which he learnt from a Buddhist master on Dinghu Mountain, Zhaoqing; and thus the name Fo (which means Buddhism) was used.

Cai Li Fo Boxingmatial art is one of the most outstanding martial art among boxing schools in South China. Its routines are numerous and diverse, and it is rich in content. It combines offensive and defensive techniques, balances hard and soft tactics, and uses flexible and stable footwork. When exercising, the boxer has to utter sounds to accompany and aid actions. Its movements are free and uninhibited, and its style uses great momentum. For more than a hundred years, through the tireless efforts of Chen Xiang's clan and disciples, the Cai Li Fo boxing is still the world's most popular school of Guangdong martial arts, with millions of practitioners spread throughout the five continents.

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