Hetang Gauze Dragon Dance

The Hetang Gauze Dragon Dance started in the Southern Song Dynasty and was brought to Jiangmen during the Ming Dynasty via Sichuan, with a history of over 700 years. The dragon dance technique has been handed down by word of mouth. The original Hetang Dragon Dance performance was simple, and after continual innovation and improvement throughout the early Qing Dynasty, the dragon became bigger and longer.Now the dragon is over 50 meters in length, consisting of 24 sections and involving 26 performers.

The dragon has eyes and is accompanied by carp. The dragon's body is covered with gauze, bamboo, and wood, and is pasted with coin-like scales. The whole body is covered by thin gauze and candles are lit within. While dancing, the candles must not go out and must not burn the gauze. The Hetang Gauze Dragon enjoys a strong reputation at home and abroad for its superb craftsmanship, its diversified performance skills, and the difficulty of its tricks.

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