Taishan Piaose

Taishan'sFushi Parade of Colorful Figures was first officially recorded in 1888 in a genealogy record. It is a formative folk art that keeps traditional characteristics and happens every year on the third day of the third lunar month. On the birthday of the Northern Emperor, villagers of Fushi Village parade through 10 lanes of the village carrying the figure of the Northern Emperor, accompanied by colorful flying banners, dancing dragons and lions,stilts, and eight- sound bands. It is a splendid procession with far- reaching influence, attracting visitors at home and from abroad, media attention, and photography enthusiasts.

The colorful historical or mythical figures are represented by 2 children aged 8 to 10.They stand on a cabinet carried by a number of people. The one standing on the box seems to be floating on air and is called the“upper color”or“flying color.”The one sitting on the box is called the“lower color.”The two performers are supported by a thin steel bar called a “color stem.”The two complement and contrast each other. What is truly fascinating is the upper color figure, whose left foot stands on a peach branch while the right foot swings in the air. The body seems to be floating without any support. It is truly amazing to witness.

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