Establishment of an expert consultant team

Recently, a conference on the construction of foreign-related rule of law in Jiangmen City was held at the Jiangmen Center of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, summarizing the achievements of our city's foreign-related rule of law construction over the past period of time, and conducting research and deployment on the next steps of work. Based on a global international perspective, we continuously improve our ability to build foreign-related rule of law, and create a new situation for the construction of foreign-related rule of law in Jiangmen.

The meeting reported on the various foreign-related legal work in our city, released the list of overseas Chinese offshore public legal service expert advisory teams in Jiangmen City, and issued certificates to team members. This consulting team is formed by the Municipal Bureau of Justice in collaboration with multiple departments such as the Municipal Intermediate People's Court and the Jiangmen Center of the Shenzhen International Arbitration Court. It integrates excellent resources from various units in the city, gathers legal talents from various fields, and improves the accuracy, satisfaction, and preference of overseas legal services in our city.

It is reported that in recent years, our city has deeply promoted the "Empowerment of Overseas Chinese" project, carefully used emotions to do a good job in the new era of "overseas Chinese", improved the layout of foreign-related legal work, comprehensively improved the level of foreign-related legal protection and service, and achieved good results in mechanism protection, platform protection, service supply, talent cultivation, and other aspects.

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