Movie Night Activity

Watching a movie in a museum can bring a feeling of "crossing"! Recently, the Overseas Chinese Museum (hereinafter referred to as the "Overseas Chinese Museum") in the Overseas Chinese Capital of China held a movie night event. More than 60 citizens watched the movie "Jinshan" in the "Struggle Overseas" exhibition hall of the Overseas Chinese Museum, "crossing" to the 19th century and learning about the construction of the Pacific Railway by Chinese workers.

The movie "Jinshan" tells the story of a group of Chinese workers who went to North America in the late 19th century to build the Pacific Railway, fully reflecting the difficult entrepreneurial history and strong patriotism of the older generation of overseas Chinese, and showcasing the outstanding contributions made by China to North America.

At the scene, the audience was immersed in the movie, admiring the courage of the female protagonist Xiao Hu to find her father from afar, and sympathizing with the plight of the Chinese workers. The thick history that came upon us touched everyone's emotions. Many of the audience were children, who watched the film quietly under the guidance of their parents. Through the screen, they experienced the spirit of hardworking, tenacious struggle, patriotism and love for their families among the ancestors of overseas Chinese.

I have experienced the brave and hardworking spirit of railway Chinese workers, and overseas Chinese workers need to unite to have strength. After the film was screened, the audience present expressed their feelings one after another.

Since the beginning of this year, the Overseas Chinese Museum has held multiple "Museum Night" series activities, including the music tour "Earth Hour" non plug in concert, the recitation drama "Overseas Chinese Letters · China", and jazz themed appreciation activities, bringing a new "night" atmosphere to the museum.

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