Youth Go Championship

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Youth Go Championship kicked off at the Guangdong Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center in our city.

This competition is hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau, jointly organized by the Provincial Social Sports and Training Competition Center, the Provincial Go Association, and the Municipal Wenguang Travel and Sports Bureau, executed by the Municipal Go Association, and co organized by the Pengjiang District Wenguang Travel and Sports Bureau and the Municipal Peizheng Chess Academy. A total of 937 contestants from 56 teams from 20 cities in the province and Macau participated, including 712 men and 225 women. The age groups of men aged 10, 12, and 14 all have over 100 participants, setting a new high for the number of participants in the competition in the past five years. The competition consists of 14 groups, lasting for 6 days, and will bring in 4 new amateur 6-segment players. During the competition, several famous Go players from our province personally visited the venue and engaged in multiple interactive activities with the participating players.

It is reported that the Guangdong Provincial Youth Go Championship is held once a year, and the organization level, participation scale, and influence of the tournament have been increasing year by year. It is one of the highest standard Go competitions in our province. This year, the enthusiasm of Go organizations and training institutions in various cities across the province to participate in teams has never been higher. In addition to traditional teams from various city associations and chess academies, there are also schools directly forming teams to participate, demonstrating the characteristics of a wide variety of participating teams.

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