Promoting the Going Global of Chinese Culture

In order to actively promote the development of overseas Chinese education and provide support and assistance to overseas Chinese communities, the Xinhui District Overseas Chinese Federation recently held a ceremony at Xinhui Xinhua Bookstore to "support the Chinese language training course for the Brazilian Yamen Association". It is reported that this activity is an important part of the "Rooting Plan".

It is understood that the "Rooting Plan" aims to support overseas clubs in carrying out Chinese language education, addressing issues such as insufficient teaching resources and learning materials. The number of Chinese reading books and exercise books received by each club will depend on the actual number of participants and their needs. The cost of the event will be borne by the Overseas Chinese Federation of Xinhui District. Xinhui Xinhua Bookstore offers a price discount of 7.5% and can give a certain number of books to overseas clubs for free according to the situation.

The Brazilian Yamen Association is one of the first beneficiary societies of the "Rooting Plan" activity. The Chinese language learning class of the club has 25 students, supported by 200 exercise books and 50 Chinese reading books. Li Hengchang, Vice President of the Brazilian Yamen Association, stated in an interview that they have established a Chinese language learning class, but due to a lack of relevant learning materials, they can only teach through copying textbooks. He expressed great gratitude for the support of the Overseas Chinese Federation and Xinhua Bookstore in Xinhui District, and stated that the next step will be to deepen Chinese education, so that future generations can remember their hometown.

The staff of the Overseas Chinese Federation in Xinhui District stated that promoting the internationalization of Chinese culture and telling Chinese stories well are the focus of current overseas Chinese affairs work. Therefore, the Overseas Chinese Federation of Xinhui District actively launched the "Rooting Plan" to assist overseas Chinese education, spread excellent traditional Chinese culture through the power of overseas folk overseas Chinese groups, and promote the internationalization of Chinese culture.

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