Opening of the "Master Lecture Hall"

The "Liang Sicheng Cup" Overseas Chinese Architectural Design Competition "Master Lecture Hall" opened at Wuyi University. Ren Fei, vice president of the Architectural Design Institute of Tsinghua University, and Hu Bin, associate professor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, were invited as keynote speakers in the first phase of the activity to share architectural design insights, tell stories about the protection of historical and cultural blocks, and interact with guests and audience on the spot. Representatives of relevant units in Jiangmen City, industry experts, scholars, and representatives of teachers and students of colleges and universities participated in the activity.

It is reported that the "Liang Sicheng Cup" Overseas Chinese Hometown Architectural Design Competition is hosted by the Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Jiangmen City and guided by the Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development of Guangdong Province and the People's Government of Jiangmen City. The competition is open to design institutions, designers, and students both domestically and internationally to solicit works.

Focusing on the theme of the competition, the sponsor invited well-known domestic experts to carry out the "Liang Sicheng Cup" Overseas Chinese Architectural Design Competition "Master Lecture Hall", aiming to carry forward Mr. Liang Sicheng's spirit of great craftsmanship in architectural design and cultural heritage protection, and promote the integration and development of historical culture and modern architectural Technological convergence.

Ren Fei shared his insights on public building design with relevant cases, emphasizing that the relationship between architecture and people, society, and nature should be well handled in public building design. Hu Bin has long been engaged in research in the fields of regional architectural design and architectural heritage protection. He shared four modes of protection and regeneration of historical and cultural blocks with relevant cases.

The "Master Lecture Hall" for nearly 4 hours is full of goods. "The two experts went to Jiangmen to 'pass on the experience and send treasures', bringing new ideas, providing new support and injecting new impetus for our further urban construction, protection and inheritance of historical culture." The relevant person in charge of the sponsor of the "Liang Sicheng Cup" Overseas Chinese Hometown Architectural Design Competition said that he hoped that the relevant units and teachers and students would apply the valuable knowledge learned to the protection and utilization of traditional culture, and to the construction and development of the city.

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