The inspection team walked into Jiangmen

More than 20 members of the guest inspection team at the 10th World Association of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations entered Jiangmen and visited the Overseas Chinese Museum in the Chinese Overseas Chinese Capital (hereinafter referred to as the "Overseas Chinese Museum"), experiencing the national conditions of the Chizi Danxin family.

Witness the history of cultural relics and relive the friendship of mulberry trees. Overseas Chinese look at thousands of cultural relics, as if they are immersed in them, flipping through historical books. When he arrived at the plaque of the Xuanyuan Hall, Fang Weixia, who felt not satisfied after listening to the explanation, stood up and added more details. Fang Weixia stated that, founded in 1910 in Seattle, USA, Yuan Tang was an influential institution for Chinese family members. During the preparation period of the Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum (now known as the Overseas Chinese Museum), Yuan Tang decided to donate the plaque. However, how could such a large plaque be transported back? Coincidentally, there were domestic airlines purchasing airplanes. Upon learning of this, overseas Chinese immediately coordinated with relevant parties to smoothly let the plaque board the plane and return to their hometown

The piles of "family letters worth thousands of golds" from overseas Chinese, as well as the tools used by Chinese workers to fight overseas, have awakened the deep memories of the patriotism of overseas Chinese.

Some overseas Chinese have been pondering for a long time before the content of "The Legend of Chinese Workers on the Pacific Railway", asking for help in taking photos. They want to go back and promote more, so that more people know that Chinese people have traveled across the sea to help build railways in their country, making significant contributions. Some overseas Chinese stand in front of the ancient overseas Chinese criticism, feeling the patriotic homesickness that permeates the fists and fists of their predecessors.

The efforts of overseas Chinese will not be forgotten by the motherland. The flourishing branches and leaves of the motherland are inseparable from the contributions made by every overseas Chinese. "Farewell to the Overseas Chinese Museum, board the bus to visit the Xinhui School Palace and Jingtang Library, while the overseas Chinese are still reminiscing and their hearts have not been calm for a long time.

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