Carry out condolence activities

Recently, the city's ex-servicemen affairs system organized the "2022 War of Resistance against America and Aid Korea Veterans Condolences Activity", invited the Municipal Communist Youth League Committee to jointly pay a visit to our city's surviving war of resistance against America and Aid Korea Veterans, salute them, and send the care of the party and the government to their hearts.

The Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Federation of the Municipal Bureau of Retired Soldiers Affairs formed a condolence group and went to each county (city, district) to visit the veterans. At the home of Li Zhaorong, a 90-year-old soldier fighting against the United States and aiding Korea, and Huang Xiyang, an 85-year-old soldier fighting against the United States and aiding Korea, the consolation personnel sent them consolation money, consolation goods and sincere greetings, and talked with the old man and his family. The condolences staff inquired about the elderly's daily life and physical condition in detail, listened carefully to the elderly soldiers' stories about their bloody journey and heroic deeds in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, thanked them for their significant contributions, and encouraged them to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, take care of their health, and enjoy their old age in peace. At the same time, the veteran soldiers were briefed on the work of our city's ex-servicemen, and listened to their opinions and suggestions carefully. The veteran soldiers said that they are very pleased that the country is prosperous and the people are happy.

In recent years, our city's ex-servicemen affairs system has actively and extensively publicized the heroic deeds of veteran soldiers, and solidly promoted the activities of veterans' preaching in government offices, schools, enterprises, villages, and communities, so that the stories of heroes can reach millions of families, and a good trend of remembering history, advocating heroes, and caring for meritorious officials has been established in the whole society.

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