Three agricultural products were selected

Recently, the Agricultural Product Quality Safety Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the second batch of national famous, special and new agricultural products in 2022. Three agricultural products in our city were selected, namely, Da'ao mushroom, Taishan Mahuang Chicken and Enping Lai rice noodles.

Da'ao mushroom is mainly produced in Da'ao Town, Xinhui District, with a production scale of 133 hectares. Known as "chestnut in water", it is a seasonal vegetable in winter. Da'ao mushroom is round and plump, with white meat, loose taste and no bitter taste. It is rich in starch, protein, crude fiber and vitamins, and has the effects of heat clearing and detoxification.

Taishan Mahuang chickens are mainly produced in Sijiu Town, Dajiang Town, Sanhe Town, Doushan Town, Duanfen Town and Shenjing Town of Taishan City. There are more than 200 large-scale breeding farms, more than 6 million chickens, more than 20 million chickens annually, and 80 million chick seedlings annually. Local leading enterprises for chickens have been engaged in relevant R&D and production for a long time, established their own breeding system and variety protection mechanism, realized the protection and development of characteristic provenance of Taishan chicken, and obtained the accreditation of National Core Broiler Breeding Farm, National Broiler Breed Expansion and Promotion Base, and Guangdong Chicken Embryo and Egg Engineering Technology Research Center.

Enping Lai rice noodles is mainly produced in Niujiang Town and Shahu Town of Enping City, with an annual output of 1500 tons. It is soft, tough, cool and slippery. It is made by a unique manual process through multiple processes such as beating, mixing, molding, aging and loosening. Over the years, Enping City has insisted on combining "rural tourism+Lai rice noodles publicity", and has held a Lai rice noodles culture festival for many years, attracting a large number of foreign tourists to taste.

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