The night economy continues to heat up

The reporter learned that since the issuance of the "Happy shopping in Overseas Chinese Capital" golden autumn consumption coupon, the "old for new" home appliance consumption promotion campaign and car purchase subsidies, the consumer gift package has not only stimulated the enthusiasm of citizens for shopping, but also stimulated the potential of the night economy in overseas Chinese hometown.

Sitting on the chairs in the outdoor leisure area in the cool breeze, many people who have been busy all day enjoy the night scene around them, eating snacks, drinking tea and chatting... The person in charge of Bougainville told the reporter that since the issuance of the golden autumn coupon of "Happy shopping in Overseas Chinese Capital", the customer flow and sales volume have increased significantly, and the evening is the peak of consumption.

In the Jianghua store of Dayang Electric Appliance, many consumers came to buy home appliances. Liang Tengda, the deputy general manager of Dayang Electric, said that the launch of the special activity of "old for new" to promote consumption of household appliances has greatly improved the customer flow of stores, especially refrigerators and washing machines. The demand for trade in is the largest. "After nightfall, the number of customers who came to consult increased by 10% compared with the usual, and the overall sales at night also increased to a certain extent."

"Good evening! Which model do you want to see?" At 8:00 p.m., the Guangqi Honda Jiangmen Guanhua 4S store located in Jianshe 3rd Road, Pengjiang District was brightly lit, and a sales consultant was warmly welcoming customers to the store. "In order to support the development of the night economy, and in consideration of the high temperature in the day and the hard work of the citizens, we decided to open a night show to facilitate the citizens to watch and buy cars in the cool autumn wind. In addition, with the help of car purchase subsidies, it has stimulated the citizens' desire to buy cars." Wu Wojiang, sales manager of Guanhua 4S store in Jiangmen, Guangzhou Honda, said.

It is reported that the second phase of "Happy shopping in Overseas Chinese Capital" golden autumn consumer coupons has been issued, and the use time is up to October 17; The special activity of "old for new" household appliances to promote consumption will continue until the end of November; The application for 15 million yuan car purchase subsidy will continue until the end of December.

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