6 projects will be funded

In 2022, the application for funding innovation and entrepreneurship projects for returned overseas students in Jiangmen City was completed recently, and one key project, two excellent projects and three start-up projects were finally reviewed, which will receive 500000 yuan, 300000 yuan and 200000 yuan respectively.

It is understood that since the application for this activity was launched on February 10, 47 returned overseas students have signed up for innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

During the activity, our city held offline policy lectures for four times and project roadshows, and online policy lectures at home and abroad twice. According to the innovative technology and product characteristics of the project, the seminar "supported" the investment and financing, business planning, market development, project implementation, etc. The activity also carried out business plan writing training to build a highly integrated exchange and sharing platform of innovation and entrepreneurship resources for overseas returnees.

In order to ensure the fairness, impartiality and authority of the review, scientific and technical experts in relevant industries, investment experts and enterprise management experts were invited to form a review panel for the written review and on-site review. Experts communicated with the project leader about the technology, implementation, market prospects and other related issues of the project, and put forward professional suggestions to the project leader on technology improvement, commercialization, market expansion, etc. based on their own experience.

Since 2017, our city has successfully held three funding activities for innovation and entrepreneurship projects for returned overseas students, with 17 projects of more than 3 million yuan funded on a selective basis, and has achieved good results in the introduction, education, retention and employment of returned overseas students.

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