The exchange meeting was held

The Development Report of Jiangmen Government WeChat in 2021 and the Development Report of Jiangmen Government WeChat in the First Half of 2022 were released on site to introduce the overall situation, main highlights and excellent accounts of the development of Jiangmen government WeChat. At the same time, six new media awards were awarded, including the top ten most influential government WeChat in Jiangmen in 2021, the top ten most influential government WeChat in all counties (cities, districts), the "top ten featured government new media", the "top ten innovative communication cases", the "top ten government dithering short video works", and the "top ten government new media editors"; Invite relevant responsible persons of "Jiangmen Social Security" WeChat public account and "Taishan Public Security" twitter account to share their experience in the operation of new government media. In addition, the award-winning works of the Jiangmen Internet Civilization Propaganda Slogan Collection Activity were also published.

At the meeting, Zhang Ning, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Communication and Design of Sun Yat sen University, and director of the Institute of Public Communication, gave a lecture entitled "How to tell a good story by new government media - new ideas and methods for content production". Professor Zhang Ning has long focused on crisis management and communication, network public opinion and public opinion guidance, news statements, government public relations and image, Internet and social governance and other research fields, with profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Its teaching content is detailed, vivid, simple, and has a strong practical guidance, which has aroused the resonance of the participants, so that the participants have a more accurate, systematic and comprehensive understanding of government affairs communication, explosive content creation, social media account matrix construction, etc.

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