Publicize network civilization

Recently, the Internet Information Office of the Municipal Party Committee, together with the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Internet Information Office of the Pengjiang District Party Committee, the Pengjiang District Civilization Office and other units, held the 2022 Internet Civilization in Jiangmen City at Qimingli Square, Shiwan Community, Baisha Street, Pengjiang District. Community residents actively participated.

Publicity booths and graphic exhibitions were set up at the activity site. The staff publicized and popularized the basic knowledge of network civilization and network security as well as relevant laws and regulations to the community residents through the distribution of publicity materials, on-site explanations, award-winning answers and other forms, reminding the residents to pay attention to protecting personal information, preventing telecom network fraud and pension fraud, and calling on the residents to actively participate in network vulgarity, gambling, fraud, violence Report illegal and bad information such as rumors, and consciously resist bad information on the Internet.

Before the promotion booth, the award-winning answering activity of network security knowledge attracted the elders and young people around to participate. The on-site interaction was frequent and the atmosphere was warm. More than 1800 anti-fraud brochures were distributed in this activity to help more than 300 community elders understand mobile Internet skills.

It is reported that, in order to further promote the construction of network civilization and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to and participate in the national digital literacy and skills improvement action, the municipal party committee's online information office will also continue to carry out the publicity activities of network civilization and digital literacy through the combination of online and offline methods, so as to transfer the network civilization and digital literacy to the citizens, drive the citizens to gather the positive energy of the network, and strive to be a volunteer for the construction of network civilization.

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