Awarded the title

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly carried out the 21st National Youth Post Talent Selection Activity. Through selective selection, strict inspection and centralized evaluation, 50 "National Youth Post Talent Pacesetters" and 850 "National Youth Post Talent" were selected. Among them, Liang Huipeng, a fire rescue station in Jinguzhou, Xinhui District, won the title of "National Young Post Expert", and is the only young person in Jiangmen area who has won this honor.

The selection and commendation of young post experts is mainly to select and publicize advanced youth models, vigorously promote professionalism, craftsmanship and struggle spirit, and discover, cultivate and condense young talents through post training, mentoring and skill competition. The selection and commendation of national youth post experts has been carried out for 21 times, and 6701 national youth post experts have been selected and commended.

Liang Huipeng is now a full-time member of the government of Jinguzhou Fire Rescue Station in Xinhui District. He always takes the needs of the Party and the people as a sharpening stone to test himself. Whether in the armed police force or in the fire rescue team, whether in catching drug traffickers, fighting typhoons or firefighting and rescue, he always acts in front and charges against the enemy. Liang Huipeng has been awarded the "May Day Labor Medal of Guangdong Province", "Guangdong Good Man", "Guangdong Excellent War Epidemic Volunteer", "Jiangmen Good Man", "Jiangmen Moral Model", "Jiangmen Advanced Individual in Fighting against Covid-19", "Jiangmen Most Beautiful Ex-serviceman" and other honors.

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