The list of all region tourism demonstration areas is announced

"All region tourism" is a high-frequency word that has promoted the high-quality development of cultural tourism in our city in recent years. Recently, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province officially announced the fifth batch of Guangdong Province all region tourism demonstration zones, and Xinhui and Enping of our city were on the list. This is the new progress made in Jiangmen's regional tourism after Taishan was included in the first batch of national regional tourism demonstration areas and Kaiping was included in the second batch of Guangdong provincial regional tourism demonstration areas.

In recent years, with "overseas Chinese" as the bridge, our city has accelerated the pace of tourism development across the region, and has embarked on a path of tourism development across the region with a benign interaction between tourism and industry, and integration and penetration of culture and economy. Since being listed as the founding unit of Guangdong Provincial Whole Area Tourism Demonstration Zone, Xinhui and Enping have made greater efforts to promote the diversified development of tourism industry, and the whole area tourism is full of vitality. Xinhui, known as Gangzhou in ancient times, has experienced thousands of years of trials and tribulations, and has a profound cultural heritage. It is known as the "coastal Zou Lu". Famous tourist attractions include the Yutai Temple of Guifeng Mountain, one of the four famous temples in Guangdong, the former residence of Liang Qichao, a national key cultural relics protection unit, the 4A scenic spot Bird Paradise, Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park and Gudou Hot Spring Resort, as well as Ziyun Temple, Jade Lake, Silver Lake Bay, etc. Enping is a hot spring resort for tourism and leisure, a hometown of hot springs in China, and a livable place for winter shelter in China. It has developed such distinctive tourism products as health and recuperation, honeymoon vacation, parent-child tourism, business meetings, and winter shelter. The famous tourist attractions include Enping Spring Forest Gold Town, Imperial Hot Spring, Shanquanwan Hot Spring, Xiema Juren Village, etc.

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