Add "national brand" again

Kaiping "Tanbi wax gourd" has been approved and registered by the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, and has been approved as a national geographical indication certification trademark. It is reported that this is also the 17th geographical indication certification trademark obtained by our city, which plays an important role in promoting the future construction of "one township, one product" and "one village, one product", implementing the trademark strategy to invigorate agriculture and enrich farmers, and promoting the development of local industries.

The "Tanbi wax gourd" is mainly produced in Tanbi Village, Cangcheng Town, Kaiping City. It is slightly smaller than the ordinary wax gourd, weighs about 3000 grams per melon, has less thick flesh and less flesh, is solid, sweet and crisp, and is resistant to storage. It can be stored for a long time without losing water and without mildew. It has the effect of clearing summer heat.

In order to vigorously promote the work of revitalizing agriculture with trademarks, give full play to the leading role of trademarks and brands, and enhance the trademark brand influence and product added value of local characteristic products, "Tanbi wax gourd" has been promoted as a key project of Kaiping City to promote the rural revitalization of agricultural trademark brand construction. In recent years, the working group of Kaiping Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has gone deep into the field to visit and investigate, through on-site inspection, consultation with growers, village cadres and other ways, to learn more about the planting scale, output, market sales and other conditions of "Tanbi wax gourd"; At the same time, we will carry out targeted trademark knowledge cultivation and guidance, drive growers to improve their understanding of trademark brands and the quality of edible agricultural products, and create a good atmosphere for brand building of agricultural and rural trademarks.

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