Help and assistant workers in need

Recently, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions issued 1.8314 million yuan to the city's employees with difficulties in filing for help and assistance, including Golden Autumn Student Aid, Mid Autumn Festival condolences and medical assistance.

On the one hand, 397 children of needy workers in the city were assisted in different systems. The total amount of grant was 1.097 million yuan according to the standard of 1000 yuan for kindergartens, 2000 yuan for primary schools and junior middle schools, 3000 yuan for technical secondary schools and senior middle schools, and 5000 yuan for universities and colleges. On the other hand, according to the standard of 1500 yuan per household, 287 employees with difficulties in filing in the city were held a Mid-Autumn Festival condolence activity, and a condolence fund of 430500 yuan was issued. In addition, the second batch of medical assistance was carried out according to the different conditions of the individual medical expenses paid by the families of needy workers, and 303900 yuan of medical assistance was distributed to 103 families of needy workers in four grades.

It is understood that the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions adheres to the guidance of party building, aims to improve the quality of life of workers, continues to call for and implement the brand service project of "help in difficulties", and effectively plays the role of trade unions in strengthening grass-roots governance. So far this year, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has granted 4.79 million yuan of assistance to needy workers, 1097 person times of assistance, and 16000 yuan per household. In addition, "Love and Mutual Assistance Guarantee Plan" will be presented to 293 employees with difficulties in filing in the city. After participating in the insurance, employees can obtain exclusive protection of "hospitalization+serious illness+accident" of up to 210000 yuan, helping them effectively resist the risk of hardship caused by illness; Organize 76 needy employees or their families to participate in the free "two cancer screening" physical examination activity; Provide sunshine employment assistance to college graduates from 6 needy families; Temporary assistance was provided to 6 needy employees who did not meet the filing requirements, and a subsidy of 40000 yuan was issued.

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