6 training sessions for intermediary supermarkets

Recently, the Municipal Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau held 6 intermediary supermarket trainings for relevant units, enterprise project owners (state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises, etc.) and intermediary service agencies in Jiangmen District, with a total of 1856 participants.

This round of training takes the form of online live broadcast. During the training, the staff of Jiangmen Municipal Government Procurement Center explained the general situation of intermediary supermarkets, various selection methods, their scope of application, and the system operation process, focusing on the management methods of intermediary supermarkets and their implementation rules, the rights and obligations of project owners and intermediaries, and precautions, and patiently answered the questions of participants.

From the trial operation on June 29, 2018 to July 31, 2022, Jiangmen has released 34175 project procurement announcements in the intermediary supermarket system of Guangdong Province, ranking sixth in the province; There are 383 local intermediary service agencies in Jiangmen City, ranking the seventh in the province; A total of 1822 local project owners in Jiangmen City settled in, including 1457 administrative organs and institutions, 260 enterprises (state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, other enterprises), and 105 other institutions.

In the next step, Jiangmen intermediary supermarkets will continue to carry out the construction and operation of intermediary supermarkets in strict accordance with the unified deployment of the higher authorities, improve the standard and efficient operation of intermediary supermarkets, help the government service "no blockage", create a stable and fair business environment, promote the high-quality economic development of Jiangmen, and better serve the overall economic and social development.

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