Ranked second in the province

Recently, the results of the assessment of intellectual property protection in cities above prefecture level in Guangdong Province in 2021 were announced, and Jiangmen was awarded the excellent grade with the second-best performance in the province. This is the first time for the province to assess the intellectual property protection carried out by prefecture level municipal committees and governments in the name of provincial party committees and governments, and it is also the best performance Jiangmen has achieved in intellectual property related assessments over the years.

In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People's Government have attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, always standing at the height of the overall situation and strategy, and earnestly promoting the implementation of relevant work. In order to further strengthen overall planning and coordination and effectively improve the effectiveness of intellectual property protection, our city has established a joint meeting system for the implementation of Jiangmen's intellectual property strategy, with the main leaders of the municipal government as the convener; Issued and implemented the Implementation Plan for Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection in Jiangmen City, launched 24 tasks in six aspects and 60 measures to implement intellectual property protection, and pressed down on the responsibilities of local authorities and departments; The municipal and county courts, together with the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, established the Jiangmen Litigation Service Office of the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, the Jiangmen Intermediate Court Intellectual Property Circuit Court, and the Jianghai Court Intellectual Property Court, innovated the Jiangmen model of "Circuit Court+Litigation Service Office", and upgraded it to the Jiangmen Circuit Court of the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court.

Intellectual property is the key to the upgrading of the real economy under the new normal. In order to promote the realization of the value of intellectual property rights, our city revised and issued the Administrative Measures for Special Funds for Intellectual Property Support in Jiangmen City, and issued a total of about 24 million yuan of special funds for support; Successfully held the first high-value patent cultivation and layout competition of prefecture level cities in China, found and screened a number of innovative projects with leading technology, great market potential and obvious patent value advantages, and enhanced regional innovation capability from point to area; We promoted the signing of the country's first pledge financing project of geographical indications worth more than 500 million yuan, and successfully selected it as one of the top ten intellectual property events in Guangdong Province in 2021.

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