Food safety publicity week

On September 2, the 2022 food safety publicity week was officially launched. The theme of this activity is "creating a new development of food security and sharing a better life", and a series of activities were organized from September 2 to 8. Cao Yang, the municipal leader, attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, the sampling inspection of food safety and the special sampling inspection of moon cakes in our city from January to August this year were reported, the letter of appointment was issued to Zhang Kun , the Secretary of Wuyi University Party committee and other representatives of the fourth Jiangmen food safety experts, and the "I speak for Jiangmen food safety" activity was launched. It is reported that our city will arrange activities at the municipal level and departmental theme days respectively. At the municipal level, a series of activities such as "I speak for food safety" online solicitation activities and "one hand talks about food safety" series reports will be launched. The municipal procuratorate, the municipal development and Reform Bureau, the municipal market supervision bureau and other departments will carry out theme day activities.

Vice Mayor Cao Yang said that all levels and departments of the city should effectively carry out a series of publicity activities, strive to create a social atmosphere conducive to food safety, common governance and sharing, closely focus on the publicity theme, and broaden the publicity channels; Closely integrate with the work of creating a civilized city, and strive for effective publicity; Mobilize all forces to participate, strive to achieve joint construction, common governance and sharing, work together to create a good public opinion atmosphere, further mobilize the whole society to care for, support and participate in food safety work, make every effort to ensure that the food safety situation in our city continues to be stable and good, and greet the successful convocation of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements.

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