Jiangmen learning platform goes online

On August 30, the launching ceremony of Jiangmen learning platform, the "learning power", was held in Jiangmen daily. This is a great event and a happy event in the field of propaganda, ideology and culture in Jiangmen City. It marks that the promotion and use of the learning platform of the city's "learning to strengthen the country" has stepped up to a new level, and theory arming and public opinion propaganda have added new strength. Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the Propaganda Department, attended the event.

Our city attaches great importance to the promotion and use of the learning platform of "learning to strengthen the country". It has always regarded the learning platform as an important position for constantly strengthening the theoretical study of the majority of Party members, cadres and the masses, as an important carrier for disseminating Jiangmen's voice, telling Jiangmen's story, displaying Jiangmen's image, reflecting Jiangmen's responsibility and gathering Jiangmen's strength, and has really done a good job in managing it. The strong learning atmosphere of "strengthening the country, learning theory and comparing learning" is surging in the hometown of overseas Chinese.

After more than four months of careful planning and preparation, Jiangmen learning platform was officially launched on August 30 after completing the basic work of local platform online training, rules and regulations construction, organizational structure setting, contribution link building, online content preparation and so on. At the important moment when the whole city is full of pride to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the launching of Jiangmen learning platform will strongly drive the whole city to further strengthen its theoretical arm, further improve its propaganda, ideological and cultural work, and further boost its entrepreneurial spirit, providing a strong ideological guarantee and strong spiritual motivation for striving to build a new pattern of high-quality development of overseas Chinese capital in the new era.

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