Appreciate the beauty of the capital of overseas Chinese

A few days ago, the cultural experience and exchange activity of "Young China Talk" of the online Chinese culture paradise in 2022 was launched in our city. More than 600 Chinese youths broke through the time and space constraints, and through cloud meetings and online exchanges, they shared the charm of Chinese culture and the charm of the overseas Chinese capital. Cai Weisheng, a first-class inspector of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee, and Li Huiwen and Hu nianfang, municipal leaders, attended the activity.

This activity specially invited outstanding teachers of various disciplines and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage at all levels in Jiangmen, and arranged rich and colorful courses, covering Chinese geography, appreciation of famous poems, Chinese Kung Fu, national dance, traditional folk customs, calligraphy, painting, music, Chinese cuisine and transmission of intangible cultural heritage, with a total of 50 class hours.

In his speech, Cai Weisheng said that the activity of the Chinese cultural paradise contains strong Lingnan cultural characteristics and cultural elements of the hometown of overseas Chinese. He hoped that all the students would make good use of this learning opportunity to deeply understand the history and culture of Guangdong and Jiangmen, feel the feelings of the ancestors in remembering their ancestors and loving their hometown, and more profoundly understand the dream of national rejuvenation pursued by the Chinese people at home and abroad.

Li Huiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the United Front Work Department, said that he hoped that through this activity, all the students would appreciate the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese, discover the beauty of the overseas Chinese capital, and enjoy the cultural feast of "harmony but difference" and "beauty and harmony"; Learn about history, grasp the times, enhance the sense of identity, strengthen the sense of belonging, and gain a sense of honor in the stories of the hometown of overseas Chinese, so as to pool the great power of working together to realize the Chinese dream; We will further strengthen the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign cultures, and become an active disseminator of Chinese culture, an active promoter of Sino foreign friendship, and an active promoter of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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