Book Festival

The cultural feast that the people of overseas Chinese hometown are looking forward to is coming again! The reporter learned from the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee that according to the work deployment of the provincial Book Festival Organizing Committee, our city held the Jiangmen branch of the 2022 Southern Book Festival and the third Renrongrong children's book Carnival in the form of online and offline from August 19 to 28, presenting a reading feast with distinct themes, rich contents, diverse forms and integrated interaction for the citizens.

On August 19, the opening ceremony of the book festival will be held in the first main venue of the city library. At the opening ceremony, citizens can enjoy the performance of Jiangmen's original song "the fragrance of books in Jiangmen". At that time, Jiangmen's national reading digital platform will be launched and Jiangmen's original publishing plan will be announced.

"Online cloud reading" realizes the linkage between online cloud reading and offline physical bookstores through sub activities such as "Jiangmen cloud reading, Jiangmen cloud book recommendation, Jiangmen cloud interaction, Jiangmen cloud book purchase, and Jiangmen cloud benefiting people" with the help of all media platform technology, and promotes the organic integration of online and offline reading.

The main venue of Jiangmen sub venue was set up in the city library and Jiangmen book purchasing center. Xinhua Bookstore Olympic Garden store, Wenhua bookstore, Dayi bookstore, Guangxu Yimu bookstore, and branch bookstores of counties (cities and districts) jointly carried out exhibition and sales activities. It is worth mentioning that the farmer's bookstores in Hengjiang village, Yueshan Town, Kaiping, and Shantou village, Shuangshui Town, Xinhui are included in the rural sub venues of the southern Book Festival. Cultural dialogue, reading performances and other activities will be organized under the theme of "reading into the countryside, book fragrance with rice fragrance".

This year's Book Festival will also carry out various theme activities such as reading lectures of famous scholars, book drifting sharing activities, "you choose books and I pay for them," green reading and love in overseas Chinese hometown "book donation activities, reading activities focusing on special people, mobile Book remote Township Village, City Library's" Midsummer Book appointment "activities, learning micro class activities, and Jiangmen writers' fairy tales reading activities, Let the Book Festival "have new highlights every day".

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