The research group of the Federation of overseas Chinese came to Jiangmen

From August 15 to 16, Shao Xujun, the vice chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese and chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese in central and state organs, led the research team of the Federation of overseas Chinese to Jiangmen. Focusing on the theme of "how to further play the role of the Legal Advisory Committee and cooperate with the Federation of overseas Chinese to organize and carry out rights protection work", they successively went to Kaiping City, Taishan City and Wuyi University for field research. Municipal leaders Chen Zhiqing and Li Huiwen met with the investigation team.

The investigation team inspected the Diaolou group of Zili village in Kaiping, the overseas Chinese culture exhibition tourism project in Chikan ancient town and the overseas Chinese Culture Museum in Taishan City, to understand the profound overseas Chinese history and culture in our city and the patriotic feelings of overseas Chinese in Wuyi, and put forward suggestions on the protection of overseas Chinese historical buildings and the inheritance of overseas Chinese cultural heritage. The investigation team also conducted a field investigation on the diversified settlement studio and Litigation Service Center of the people's Court of Taishan City for overseas Chinese related disputes, and listened to the report on the work of highlighting "law + overseas Chinese" and carrying out diversified settlement of overseas Chinese related disputes. During the investigation of Wuyi University, the investigation team deeply understood the school running philosophy and development history of Wuyi University, and affirmed the academic achievements made by Wuyi University Guangdong Overseas Chinese Culture Research Institute in overseas Chinese history and culture research by relying on multidisciplinary overseas Chinese culture research strength and integrating overseas Chinese culture research channels at home and abroad.

At the forum held on August 16, Shao Xujun and his party listened to the report of the Municipal Federation of overseas Chinese on the work of safeguarding the interests of overseas Chinese and serving overseas Chinese, as well as the opinions and suggestions of the Municipal People's Congress, the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal People's court, the Municipal People's Procuratorate and other departments and units, as well as representatives of the National People's Congress and overseas Chinese on the revision of the law on the protection of the rights and interests of Returned Overseas Chinese and their relatives. Shao Xujun said: "During the investigation, I felt that Jiangmen indeed has rich and unique overseas Chinese culture and overseas Chinese resources, and the overseas Chinese spirit of patriotism, love of hometown and love of family has been inherited and developed here. I also felt that Jiangmen municipal Party committee and municipal government attach importance to and support 'overseas Chinese'. This has laid a good foundation for Jiangmen to further promote the 'overseas Chinese capital empowerment' project, build a national platform for overseas Chinese public law, and provide a good development environment for overseas Chinese to play the 'overseas Chinese' card Environment. "

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