Online and offline joint promotion

The "Link Dawan District · Create the future together - Jiangmen Global Investment Promotion Conference" will be held. The main venue is located in Jiangmen, and the sub venues are set up in Hong Kong and Macao. This is also the first time Jiangmen has adopted the "1 + 2" form to jointly promote online and offline.

This is an important requirement for Jiangmen to fully implement the "epidemic prevention, economic stability and development safety", seize the major historical opportunity of the construction of the "two zones" and the two cooperation zones, actively participate in the deep division of labor and cooperation in the Dawan District, comprehensively promote the "six major projects", fully build a new pattern of high-quality development of the overseas Chinese capital in the new era, and implement the important measures of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to build a pattern of "large-scale investment attraction", which has sounded the sound of "big investment attraction" for Hong Kong, Macao We will deepen the cooperation between Shenzhen and other key cities and set off a new round of industrial investment attraction.

The event will release brand-new city promotion videos, industrial investment promotion maps, agricultural investment promotion maps, cultural and tourism investment promotion maps and other Jiangmen industrial investment promotion maps, promote the Xinhui District of Jiangmen large industrial agglomeration area and the Hong Kong Macao industrial new town of Guanghai Bay, introduce the development of Jiangmen banking financial service industry chain and the customized training of industry chain talents, and hold the project signing and the third quarter concentrated construction (production) activities of Jiangmen City. Many entrepreneurs will also be invited to give keynote speeches and speeches.

It is reported that the Jiangmen industrial investment promotion map covers six sections of "understanding Jiangmen", "investment advantages", "investment policies", "land resources", "industrial plants" and "key platforms". It sets links in three directions of industry, agriculture and culture and tourism, intuitively shows the superior investment environment of Jiangmen City, clarifies the positioning of differentiated industries and key development directions, and strives to open up the "information island" of investment promotion resources, it provides an accurate "navigation map" for investors.

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