Solicit short video works

Jiangmen Wushu culture has a long history. Cai LI fo Quan, a national intangible cultural heritage, is one of the first representative types of Chinese Wushu culture to spread overseas.

This year, Jiangmen City will hold the International Wushu exchange conference of overseas Chinese capital "Young China", and invite young people from various martial arts schools to come to exchange. Recently, the event specially invited the majority of Cai Li fo Quan's disciples at home and abroad to carry out Cai Li fo Quan's "cloud competition" activity. Through the short video platform, the special topic was opened, and Cai Li fo Quan's short video works were collected from the world. Cai Li fo's disciples around the world were welcome to show their personal or group martial arts skills.

This short video collection activity was launched on July 20. Over the past few days, Cai LI fo Quan disciples from all over the world have enthusiastically contributed. Some of them are from Jiangmen, Foshan and other provincial cities, and some are from the United States, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and other countries and regions.

Fist technique, stick technique, knife technique... In the video, Cai LI fo Quan disciples, although their skin color is different, are also wearing martial arts uniforms and have the same spirit of martial arts. Up to now, the organizer has collected more than 20 video works, and plans to edit the video submitted by Cai Li fo Quan disciples into a short film in early August and display it in a unified manner. According to the organizer, after the short film is launched, video sharing activities will be widely carried out to warm up the international martial arts exchange conference of overseas Chinese capital of China, which is called "Young China talk", to establish the brand of Jiangmen martial arts hometown in the martial arts circle at home and abroad, and to spread the local martial arts culture further and more widely.

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