Work permit and residence permit for foreigners

Recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology and the Municipal Bureau of Government service and Big Data Management held the opening ceremony of the overseas talent employment and residence service zone, and issued the first work permit and residence permit for foreign talents handled by the service zone.

It is understood that foreigners can submit application materials for foreigners' work permit in China online in the "foreigners' work management service system in China" after the opening of the zone. After the application materials have passed the preliminary review, log in to the visa service management system for overseas personnel in Guangdong Province to make an appointment for the service period of the special area, and carry the paper application materials to the special area for verification according to the appointment time. The staff of the special area will formally accept the work permit and residence permit after verification. After the application is accepted, the approval will be completed within 7 working days. After the production of the two certificates, they can be issued together through postal express delivery or taking them away themselves.

The relevant person in charge of Jiangmen Public Security said that the implementation of the one window acceptance and issuance of foreigners' work permits and residence permits together is an important starting point for our city to implement the "science and technology leadership" project and the "talent multiplication" project. It is also an important link for our city to implement the special reform of the system to facilitate the investment of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, and to help the project of "Empowering overseas Chinese". It is also an important link to deepen the reform of "deregulation and service" An important measure to further promote "I do practical things for the masses" and optimize the business environment.

"We have made a breakthrough in the deep integration of the functions of the three departments of public security, science and technology, and the Municipal Bureau of Government service and Big Data Management. Foreigners only need to submit a set of materials and submit an application once to realize the one-time acceptance of work permits and residence permits and the completion of certificates at one time. The time limit for handling certificates has also been shortened from the previous 14 working days to 7 working days, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of foreign-related government services in our city." Jiangmen public security official said.

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